"Where are you located?"

 Euphoric Shutterbug Photography is located in Wellsboro Pennsylvania. I service the Tioga County Pa and Twin Tiers Ny Areas. I work mostly in the north central PA area, most of my sessions take place in Wellsboro, Mansfield and Tioga Pa. This area has SO many location options to choose from. Forest, field, urban, modern, and so much more! 

“When should I book my session?”

Over the past couple of years I have been booking dates 6 months to a YEAR IN ADVANCE! My spots go very quickly, and I try to get every person in, Contact me ASAP if you would like a session!

“I have no idea on a location for my session!”

Ah, my most common problem! Do not fret though! Growing up in this area I know TONS of ideal locations to shoot in. There are so many options! Woodland, urban, lake, field, etc. After you fill out my quick questionnaire I will have a better idea of your intended session, making choosing a location much easier. I mostly shoot outdoors, but also have a studio space available which can be rented for a minimal cost!

“How should I prepare for my session?”

First, decide what you want to wear. Wardrobe, hair, makeup and accessories are all things I love to talk about with clients so feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Try out makeup and hair ideas before the day of the shoot so you don't run into any mishaps the day of. or purchase my PROFESSIONAL hair and makeup add on service! And a last tip is to try out looks in front of a mirror! As crazy as it seems it can be super helpful to try out some facial expressions (smile, serious face, etc) in front of a mirror before the big day so you feel a little more confident! And just remember, you are going to ROCK THIS!

“What should I wear? How should I do my hair/makeup?”

I want you to grab that outfit you have been dying to wear from the back of your closet, or purchase that piece of clothing you have wanted to get for a while now. Treat this session like a special event! I want to see your personality shine through! ALWAYS wear something you are comfortable in, I want to see your confidence shine through your images after all! Edgy/flirty/fun/sophisticated/romantic are just a few styles you can represent about your personality! I offer an amazing PROFESSIONAL hair and makeup add on service as well! So I you want to feel utterly pampered the day of your session, this may be the option for you!

“I have never gotten my pictures taken and I have no clue how to pose..”

Please have no fear! Almost every client I have shares this anxiety. I will guide you every step of the way through poses so you won’t feel lost. I give my clients generic poses to start with, like "place your arm across your waist" and then I tweak it a bit to get the desired look. Don't feel like you need to be a pro, the more relaxed you are makes for better images.

“Why should I order prints through you?”

I get it, we live in a digital age, and I will not force you to order products through me, that is why All of my packages involve you receiving your images digitally. But, compared to ordering from an outside source, I make ordering prints and products easy, right through your online gallery! I inspect and hand deliver your items, making the EXPERIENCE much more personal then if you were to order on your own from an outside vendor. I also offer products that are exclusive, that you will not find on your own. And finally, I go through a professional lab that does beautiful work. The items you will RECEIVE from me are TOP QUALITY, and will last a lifetime.