Taylor + Kayla's Morning Faire/Fog Session

Taylor + Kayla's Morning Faire/Fog Session

“One year later..”

Ok, so the past year has been a busy one for me, and my blogging has definitely fallen to the wayside. I swore to myself 2019 would be the year I take on EVERY client, and didn’t turn anyone away due to being too busy. I can say it’s been going well..but man do I need a breather, but that a post for another day. With around 5 sessions a week, and a 1-2 day turn around editing time, my days are PACKED. And blog posting has been put on the back burner. Guys, there are SO many sessions I need to share with you all that have been buried by my workload, so I’ll be trying to post as many as I can.

It’s been one year since this session, and now that it’s faire season again I thought it would be the perfect time to blog it! I have had countless sessions with Taylor and Kayla over the years, and when we became neighbors after my last move, I knew I could count on them for an impromptu foggy morning session. I just adore these girls. And I also adore their relationship with one another. They are so close and really represent sisterhood. So here is a session from a year ago, that was very last minute, on a foggy morning where we trekked through fields and stumbled into the faire where we may or may not have gotten yelled at for posing on the rides.