Euphoric Shutterbug Family Sessions

Euphoric Shutterbug Family Sessions

Senior year is wild for most teens AND their families. You all are juggling a million assignments, exams, extracurricular’s, sports, social events, college visits, college apps, jobs, SAT’s, senior portraits, prom, grad projects..did I miss anything? I’m sure I did, and I got winded just typing all of that out!

One thing that is completely overlooked, is family time. The baby birds are about to leave the nest, and parents are racing around trying to prepare for the big send off. It goes by so quickly, and before you know it your babies are headed off to college. The house is quieter (even though the phone is probably ringing a little bit more with microwave and laundry questions). And you’re missing their faces more then ever. You may have gotten stellar senior portraits of them, but in all of the hustle and bustle did you think to get family portraits?


Mom, Dad + Siblings

Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters, getting everyone together can be so much fun AND memorable! Parents, don’t be afraid to get in front of that camera yourself! Trust me, your teens will be feeling homesick and want to see your faces too.


Sisterly Love

Not only will your teens be missing their parents, but they are probably missing their siblings as well. Sisters share a special bond. Capturing their dynamic is so important, and will make their connection even stronger.


As the years start to fly by, you realize you probably haven’t updated your family portraits in awhile. And as people get older and lives get more hectic, it becomes harder and harder to get everyone together for a good family portrait session. Making the time before they go off to college is crucial for family portraits. You will have beautiful images to look at while the house seems a little too quiet, and they will have pictures to hang up on their new dorm walls.