My New Favorite Sessions..Lake & Town!

Three years ago field sessions were all the rage. Two years ago forest sessions took over. And last year urban sessions started making a popular appearance! I love watching the trends change, it adds variety and personalization to a session! No two sessions are alike, and locations are a huge part of that! With 2018 senior sessions flying (for graduating 2019 seniors), I am wondering what the next popular setting will be for senior portraits!

Two locations that I have always offered, but tend to get overlooked are lake and town sessions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sessions! These locations are rarely used but when they are the sessions always turn out AMAZING and so unique because they are hardly used! Check out these amazing locations below!


Lake Sessions

Lake sessions are filled with sunsets and a light and airy look. With gorgeous movement, carefree vibes and probably the best lighting any location can give you. These waterfront sessions leave you with very feminine and breathtaking portraits. 


Town Sessions

Town sessions are probably my personal favorites. There are so many options with town sessions! Gorgeous flowers, pretty gardens, coffee shops, store fronts, and amazing architecture are some of my favorite backdrops! With so many options you can go a bunch of different ways! You can go for a flirty feminine look, or a more trendy fashion forward look, or even a little urban grunge! Check out these sessions! 

I'm hoping lake and town sessions gain in popularity this upcoming senior season! <3