Have You Ever Thought of..TWO Senior Sessions??

Hey all!

So if you know me at all, you now I am a big believer in constant growth. I am constantly examining how I work to try and do it better. So this year I really focused on how to make my clients happier. I started asking what YOU guys would want, and my senior clientele spoke up about their senior portraits. What did they say? They want more than one senior session.

You may be wondering why a senior would want more than one session. Here are a couple reasons why.

  1. You can't decide on a season, or you want more than one season! I have SO many seniors who can not decide between a sunset summer session, a colorful fall session, spring flowers, or snowfall.
  2. You want more then one setting. Maybe you can't choose between a super fashionable urban session or a whimsical forest session. With town, lake, urban, forest, and field sessions it can make it so hard to just choose one spot!
  3. You may have multiple sides of your personality you would like to showcase. I LOVE personalizing sessions and capturing my clients personalities, so if you have a fashionable sassy side and a whimsical carefree side, you may want to show this at your session! Location and wardrobe say so much about you at a session, and sometimes a location can only be one style and not very versatile. One day you may want to rock some gorgeous makeup and strut down the street, and the next you may want to lay in a field. I want to capture you and your amazing personality.
  4. Different styles. Some of you may want a super fun and crazy session, but your parents reeeeeeeally want you to get more serious and professional looking shots (for colleges and future employers to see). Two sessions really come in handy here when conflicts of interest come to play. This also works with a parent who may want a certain location or season and you want a different one!

I think two senior sessions is SUCH a good idea. Instead of purchasing 1 large package, you can purchase 2 smaller packages for the same price! (For more info on my packages and prices click here >>>  contact

Want an example of 1 senior with 2 senior sessions? Check this one out here!

As you can see, these are two completely different vibes here! For Taylor's winter session she went for an urban setting which worked so well with her cozy outfit and gave the perfect moody look. For Taylor's 2nd senior session she went for the complete opposite look with a sunset summer session near the water! The look was light and airy, with carefree vibes.

Having 2 senior sessions is slowly growing, and I'm not going to lie, I love it. Contact me today to book your senior session! 2018 spots are flying!

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