Our wedding day..oh wow. I'm sharing this very special day with you all because so many of you have asked how it went, and I love sharing these moments with you guys. The day was filled with so much love, laughter and tears for happiness. Keenan and I met in high school, fell deeply in love, and have spent the past 7.5 years exploring this world hand in hand. Needless to say I have been planning this day since we met. After he slipped that ring on my finger we spent the next year and a half planning and prepping for this day. It was very nontraditional, just like us. We got married up in the mountains, nestled in the woods, at a place very dear to our hearts. My niece as my 'princess of honor', Keenan's brother Dirk as his best man, my sister officiating the ceremony, and our loved ones surrounding us we got married. I cried A LOT. The ceremony was utter perfection to us. It was completely personalized and something I will cherish for the rest of my life. The rest of the evening was spent talking to our loved ones, eating good food, drinking, lots of dancing, and TONS OF LAUGHTER. I hope you guys enjoy just a few of our wedding pictures as much as we do <3

Ps. An AMAZING young person saved a very important part of our wedding day. Morgan Kate Weber stepped up to the plate when I was in desperate need of a photographer last minute after ours canceled on us. This is a girl who I mentored, and just plain adore. She is so amazing and you should all check out her work at Mrgnkt <3

Up until the morning of our wedding, I did not feel like I was getting married. Our entire engagement felt like a dream, and it wasn't until the morning of that reality hit me. Hard. I woke up and was sick ALL MORNING. But right around the time I needed to get ready, my nerves disappeared and I was giddy with excitement. I got ready in my parents home, in my old childhood bedroom. Our wonderful photographer arrived first, followed by a dear friend who was doing my makeup. Getting ready was SO much fun, and really put my nerves at ease.


As I was getting ready I could here my family members starting to trickle into the house. Being the youngest of 8 children I knew the house would be filled to the brim. My sisters and nieces came in and out of the room as I was getting ready, the kids were playing outside and overall it was a pretty nice time. After I was ready I had a 'first look' with my father, where I showed him the blue hanky I stole from his dresser to sew into my dress, over my heart. Family pictures went by in a blur, and soon we were heading up to the ceremony site..


I snuck my way into the ceremony space about an hour before the guests arrived, as our photographer was capturing images of my grooms family. My groom was in charge of setting up the ceremony space, and he did utterly amazing. We did minimal decorations because we really wanted to embrace the nature around us. Right before the ceremony I had to sneak some words to my groom..without being seen of course.


Ah..the ceremony. Keenan and I really wanted our wedding to be unique and represent us. We did not want a cookie cutter ceremony. One where the sermon is long and boring, or with a million different people coming up to share poems or corny jokes. We didn't want traditions that we don't believe in. So, as the ceremony began (to my favorite twilight song of course) our very small wedding party walked up the "aisle". Aisle being a woodland path and wedding parting being Keenan's older brother Dirk as the best man and my niece Karli as the 'princess of honor'. Then, Keenan stood in the middle of the aisle with his back to me and facing our guests. My heart fluttered as I crept up behind him. Our guests stood and watched our 'first look', and after sharing a brief but intimate moment, we walked down the aisle, hand in hand. It was important to Keenan and I to walk into our marriage together. I did not want to be 'given away' by my father, even though I love him very much, it was important that Keenan and I walked in together. When we got to the end, my sister was waiting there for us and started officiating our wedding. Again, just another thing that was important to us to have on out wedding day. What happened next I did not expect. I cried. A LOT. Standing there I was shaking, but I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I soaked up every second I could, knowing this time was fleeting and so precious. After my sister shared some beautiful words, through tears of her own, Keenan and I shared our vows. We both cried our way through them. We exchanged rings, and a kiss, and we were married. A lot of brides say they can't remember a lot from their wedding, well I can say I remember every moment. I absorbed every emotion and feeling because I knew how special it was to remember this. This moment I can honestly say was utter perfection.


After the ceremony we took some time to get pictures of Keenan and I. It was out first "oh my gosh we are marred" moment. 


The rest of the night was filled with yummy food, good drinks, dancing, laughter, and great love. 

Our entire wedding day was perfect. The weather was perfect Everyone was super helpful, everything was on time and all ran smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Beyond blessed for this life we have been given.