When planning a session the first thing I ask is what location you would want! Why? Because location and setting are SO important! A location gives your session uniqueness, it tells a little bit about your personality and style. Whether you are a free spirited forest lover, or a fan of urban landscapes, there are so many locations and styles to choose from!

Today I will be going over different locations and what styles work best with each one! Plus the pro's and cons for each spot! But before I do, here are a few tips on how to pick YOUR perfect location!

  1. Where are you most comfortable? Being comfortable is SO important at your photo session! Maybe you don't mind all eyes being on you, and getting your picture taken in a public setting doesn't fluster you. Or maybe people watching you would totally freak you out and you need a more secluded location. Think about a place you feel at ease in like the forest, a specific pond, or on the backstreet of your favorite city. Picking a location that you are comfortable in is key to a successful session.
  2. Where do you go for fun? Picking a place you have fun in will only help with giving you an awesome session. So say you enjoy fishing, a water front session may be your best bet. Or maybe you like to shop and hit up coffee shops, a town/urban session would be great for you! Picking a place that you enjoy to go to and have fun in will make you relaxed and show off your fun side!
  3. Does this place describe your style? By now you probably have a setting in mind. But now you have to think about how YOU will look there! Once you pick your location think of outfits that would blend well. Some good matches are bohemian clothing with forest or waterfront locations. Or maybe you like an edgier style, urban would work well with that! Or maybe you like more sophisticated style, a town session would make you shine! Think about all of these things and you are bound to find your perfect location!

A Town Session

Town sessions are becoming my new favorite. With these sessions expect flowers, beautifully landscaped homes, some architecture, and the occasional coffee shop. With town sessions you can get SO many backdrops. You can find gardens, storefronts, beautifully designed buildings, and so much more! With so many background options your style can vary from hipster to posh. With such a versatile area we can get so many amazing looks! 

Pro: Versatility! You can give a hipster look here, or be more sophisticated. With a whole town at your disposal you have a million backgrounds to choose from!

Con: With town sessions you run into the chance of people watching. If you don't like all eyes on you this location may not be right for you.


An Urban Session

With brick and steel backdrops, cool alleyways, parking garages, and so much more, urban sessions have been everyone's favorite location lately! These sessions look great with edgier wardrobe. With urban sessions you really get more sassy expressions and fierce poses. Also, more dramatic lighting is available at urban sessions resulting in crazy insane portraits.

Pro: A stand out look. With urban sessions being a new trend, not many people have seen them done. Your images would stand out at such a unique setting!

Con: Again, all eyes will be on you. Sometimes it is hard to avoid people glanceing your way when you are holding a feirce pose on the side walk.


A Woodland Session

Woodland sessions are full of magic, deep colors, and breathtaking lighting. These dreamy sessions give an airy and easy going vibe. Here you could do a vintage look or comfy attire, and it would match the setting perfectly. These sessions give more seclusion, resulting in more intimate and dreamy images. 

Pro: Not many distractions. Usually woodland sessions are pretty secluded, which gives a more relaxed vibe during your session.

Con: Bugs, weather and animals oh my. Sometimes the bugs may get a little anoying, the sun may be a bit to hot, or a critter will scurry by. If you don't mind these things though then this spot is a gem!


A Field Session

Field sessions are all about gorgeous sunlight and beautiful landscapes. These sessions can be a little more work with trekking through the wilderness, but they are SO worth it! Flowy OR tight clothing works here! Also clothes with patterns or no patterns both work great! Things that look AMAZING here are lace pieces, aztec prints, and flowing hair! 

Pro: You will have a TON of room to work with. Field sessions give a crazy amount of variety!

Con: Natural elmients. Again, this is another location that has you open to some of the natrual elements.


A Water Front Session

Water Front sessions are definitely some of my favorite sessions. Lakes, creeks, ponds and waterfalls make GORGEOUS session locations! These sessions are usually sun drenched and airy. With enchanting lighting and care free vibes. Flowy dresses and skirts look amazing here. At these locations we can get some amazing reflection and windswept shots!

Pro: Unique shots like being submerged in water, reflections and GORGEOUS sunset shots.

Con: Depending on the time of year, if it's too cold or too hot these sessions can be harder to tackle.


These are just a few of my favorite locations! Check out this blog post when planning your next session with me to help you pick the perfect setting! :)