What to Wear Wednesday // Hair Inspiration!

What to Wear Wednesday // Hair Inspiration!

Being a photographer I love every aspect of my job, from meeting new clients to delivering the images. But one of my favorite parts is planning a session! I love talking to clients about wardrobe, location, hair, makeup, and everything else! Today I really want to focus on hair! Having bomb hair at your session can really enhance your images! Below I will talk about ways to prepare your hair for a photoshoot, and some of my favorite client hairstyles to get you inspired!

First lets get you prepared. Here are a few tips to get your hair session worthy!

  1. Sometimes you might just want to leave it to the professionals. I'm a DIY girl myself, but sometimes I like to be pampered! Like getting my hair done for a special event. Think about getting your hair done by a pro! If you aren't confident in your hair taming abilities this may be a good option for you.
  2. Try it out before. So if you would like to give it a go yourself I highly suggest trying out your hairstyle BEFORE your session. If it's a style you have been drooling over on your pinterest account, try it out a few days before to see if you actually like it in real life. This gives you an idea of what it will look like, and prepare you for any snafu's you may run into, like needing extra support or a little more product.
  3. ADD VOLUME GIRL! Volume is your best friend at a photoshoot. Tease your roots to get that voluminous look in your images.
  4. And finally, don't be afraid to get it a little 'not perfect'. To me, messy hair is the best hair. I love having girls toss around their gorgeous locks to get stylish images. Trust me, you will love the final results.

Now check out some of my favorite styles!


Sleek & Straight

Straightening your hair for a session gives a refined and polished look. With this look I can get SO many good poses! Running your fingers through your hair, "pushing" it behind your ear, doing hair flips, and so much more! And a great way to add a bit of pretty shine is to spritz it with product before straightening it!


Adding Some Curls

Whether they are are tight curls or loose waves, curls are a great way to have your hair for your session! They add volume, texture and dynamics to your images! They are perfect for movement images because they have that extra bounce, and looks stunning when backlit. 


Braids, up do's and getting fancy

The possibility for hairstyles is endless. Braids, up do's, head piece's, accessories, half up half down, buns, so many options!! This is where I suggest 2 things, pinterest and a professional. Get inspired by the glorious black hole of pinterest! And if you fall in love with a style that is out of your expertise find a proffesional and pamper yourself! 


Leave it Natural

My favorite go-to hair style, and definitely the easiest of them all, is leaving it natural. If you love your natural curls, waves or straight locks, show them off by by leaving your hair as natural as can be! To give your hair a little extra "oomph" let it down, tease it at the roots to give it volume, and add a little product to give it texture and shine. Going natural gives you the option of hair flip shots, and wind swept looks!