"Some girls just have that heart of gold & stardust soul"


Most of my clients are strangers, people who found my work online or through word of mouth, but on special occasions I get to photograph people I know. I remember this sweet girl as a child. She lived up the road from me growing up. I would go to her home to play with her sister, or see her on the school bus. I always remember her for her beautiful head of curly golden locks, and her sweet face. During a last minute mentor session I was in need of a model, BillieJo reached out and offered to help us out. I was SO excited! With her gorgeous hair and delicate features I knew she would be amazing to work with! During her shoot I was mentoring a high school student, and as we both got shots I could see BillieJo was SO perfect as our model. She posed so naturally, and her facial expressions were always exquisite. I loved catching up with her and hearing how her and her family were doing. Working with strangers and meeting new people is so much fun, but working friends makes my heart sing <3