From just starting to offer couples portraits I have had the privilege to work with a TON of amazing couples. These love bird sessions are always filled with laughter, cuddles and intimate moments that result in lifestyle like portraits. I always strive to capture the couples true personality. Whether they be goof balls, adventurers, deeply connected souls, I always try to get images that represent what their relationship is truly like. All that is done through wardrobe and posing. Leave the posing to me, all you have to worry about is looking fabulous. BUT I notice a lot of couples struggle with picking just the right things to wear for their couples portraits, hence this blog post. I LOVE giving recommendations for wardrobe choices to make your session just right. Here are a few wardrobe ideas to get you started on planning your perfect love bird session <3


**But first some tips and tricks!

  1. Look at you and your partners normal outfits, and then just dress them up a bit more! So if you like flannel and jeans, add some cute boots! Maybe your guy likes polo's and button ups? Have him wear on of his favorites and add a cool jacket to layer with! This makes it so you guys can be comfortable with a look you are familiar with, and doesn't put a crazy amount of pressure on you when wearing something you're uncomfortable in. 
  2. Try on the outfits to see if they compliment one another BEFORE your session. You won't want him to show up in his favorite red shirt, and you wore your favorite green dress. Yikes.
  3. Remember that you're going to have FUN. If you are coming to me for portraits, you will NOT be expected to be perfect or to do cliche poses. At almost every couples session I have done the couples always tell me at the end of the session that it was SO different and so much better then what they expected!
  4. **FOR 21 YEAR OLDS AND UP** Consider having a drink before your session. Seriously, this helps couples SO much who are nervous. But only 1! We want cute and fun pictures, not frat party pics. 

Casual in Plaid

If you are looking for casual but cute images, plaid is a good way to go! It gives a laid back and fun look to your images. Adding skinny jeans, distressed jeans, leggings, boots, leg warmers, tucked in undershirts, a belt, or other accessories will give you a little bit of a dressed up look that will pull your wardrobe above the average plaid outfit. 


Cozy Comfort

Going for a cozier vibe is a great way for couples to go! This look goes so well with lovebirds who want to cuddle and show intimacy in their portraits. Sweaters look great on BOTH guys and gals. Chunky and over sized sweaters are the BEST. You could also go with any knit pieces, cardigans, sweater dresses and knee socks, over sized plain t's and distressed jeans, rompers and so much more! Add necklaces, scarves, wedges or large frame glasses to give a little flair.


A Little Dressed Up

If you are a couple who likes to get a little dolled up, definitely go for it at your session! Guys in button ups always look great paired with khaki's or dark jeans. And dresses on females ALWAYS looks adorable. Adding jewelry and cute boots or heels also adds to that dressed up look!


All Dolled Up

I LOVELOVELOVE when couples want to get all dolled up for their portraits! Guys in suits, suspenders or coat jackets is a dream. And girls in long flowing dresses, gowns and headpieces make my soul sing. These couples always have great personalities and are SO much fun in front of the camera!