"girl; a giggle wrapped in sunshine"


Children's portraits were my first favorite genre. I gushed over super dreamy and magical children's portraits, I studied and practiced day and night trying to achieve that enchanting look. But in the beginning I just couldn't quite get it. I tried posing these little ones into doll like ways, wanting them to look like the children's portraits I wanted to badly to recreate. Then one day it hit me, I need to stop forcing them to look like kids and just let them BE kids. My children's portraits then turned into mini adventures where I will explore, laugh, and sneak pictures of these little being's. I love watching them attack life and experinece the world around them. And finally it clicked, and I was getting those pictures I always wanted to. This session was just another fun and relaxed time with a beautiful little girl. Madilyn is incredibly smart, sweet and polite. She was a DREAM to work with, and the light just seemed to halo around her the entire time I was with her. She sure it s special little girl <3