How to Take AWESOME Iphone Images


It may not be an official Websters Dictionary word, but I promise you it's a thing. iphoneography is photography you create with your iphone, you now that handy dandy tool that seems to be glued to everyone's hands. It's a crazy helpful business tool and a fun gadget to play with when I'm bored. It's also been a game changer in capturing memories and moments in my life. ihoneography has become an art form. Today I want to teach you guys how I take pictures on my iphone, ones that look awesome and won't have you cringing years from now.

  1. The basics: make sure to regularly clean your phones camera, keep that baby charged, and clean out the storage every now and then. All of these things will help you get better QUALITY images. You don't want blurry or grainy images. And you don't want to deal with things like a  slow shutter speed or no room in your phone to store images. Your phone needs just a little maintenance to stay on it's game.
  2. TURN OFF YOUR FLASH. Natural light is the best light. I don't think I have ever even used my iphones flash when taking a picture.
  3. Take the picture!
    1. For selfies, find that angle girl (or dude). Don't be afraid to snap like 200 pictures with all different angles, faces and lighting. Just remember to delete the ones you don't use.
    2. For pictures of others, try casual poses. Whenever I'm photographing a friend I tell them to "act natural". This results in them laughing (which is crazy cute), or them doing something silly and fun. Or sometimes they just slay and pose perfectly.
    3. Photographing moments can be super easy. A concert, party, etc. Just start snapping away and see the candids that you get. And DON'T FORGET to enjoy the moment yourself.
    4. Landscapes are my favorite. I LOVE stepping back and capturing landscapes. Using your phones panorama setting will get you CRAZY wow worthy shots. Tip? Have someone get in the shot, maybe standing far away or running into the distance. It gives the image a story and adds to the grandness of the landscape.
    5. Close ups are probably the one thing I don't do too often. When I do do them I make sure to have a clean background, so it won't distract from the thing I'm taking a close up of. And I make sure not to get TO close. iphone's don't have the best macro setting, actually they don't have one at all. So getting to close will result in a blurry image.
    6. Lay flats are one of my FAVE things to photograph with my phone. I love laying an item (food, crystals, etc) on a gorgeous backdrop like my bamboo table or a piece of marble to get a gorgeous and pretty lay flat image. Just make sure your lighting is right for these!
  4. EDITING! To be honest, I don't do a lot to edit my iphone pictures. I only use 1 app, VSCO. It's a crazy amazing app, and is FREE. The app itself is free, but you can purchase additional features on it. To edit my pictures I only use the free features (because I'm way to frugal).

First thing I do is pick a filter. The filter I pick depends on my mood that day. Sometimes I feel more vintage and filmy, other days I feel edgy and grunge. There really is no rhyme or rhythm to this.

Next I go into the individual settings. Again, depending on my mood I adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation, fade, highlights, shadows, and temperature. It's all about how YOU guys want the image to look. This is the time to give it YOUR own flare.

Try not to go TO crazy with editing. You don't want to make it look to "filtery" and look back years from now and wonder why you ever did that. Heavy vignettes, dramatic blurs, and crazy color changes are all things you may want to avoid.

And finally, upload your image! If you want more people to see your images use hashtags! I hope this blog post helps up your iphonagraphy game :)