Posing Tips From a Photographer

One of the biggest concerns my clients have is how to pose in front of the camera. At almost every session I hear at least once "I've never done this before." "I don't know what to do." and "I'm SO nervous!" But don't worry lovelies, because that's why I am here! My job is not only to take your picture, but to make you feel comfortable along the way and guide you through the steps. Today I am going to give you some tips on how to prepare for and pose at your session. This post is for regular clients who just feel a little nervous, aspiring models wanting to break into the modeling world, and experienced models who are looking for some new inspiration. 

1. Tip 1: Don't Stress

I don't think I could express this one enough. I KNOW you may feel uncomfortable, but trust me, you got this! When a client/model is nervous it shows on their face and their bodies. For me, I love natural expressions and flowing movement. So being anxious and rigid shows in the image and makes you look static and boring. To relax take a couple deep breathes, shake it off, and if you REALLY feel awkward ask your photographer what they want you to do! As a professional they will help guide you and make you feel at ease. 

2. Express your worries

If you feel stressed or worried, tell your photographer! When a client tells me they are nervous I instantly know they need to be treated with a little more attention and guidance. Some people just naturally know what to do, and some don't, and that's FINE! But letting your photographer know before hand will help prepare them on how to work better for you.

3. Practice in the mirror

This WILL feel silly, but I PROMISE it helps! Practicing simple things like a "serious face", "smile", "laugh", and different poses will show you how you like to be seen best. If you do this you will feel more confident in front of the camera, and you will pose in ways that you know you look best.

4. Slight movements make a HUGE impact

When you are actually at the session you will want a variety of shots! But a variety of shots does not mean you have to do a bunch of different poses! The best way to model and pose is to get into a pose, and from there do SLIGHT movements. So lets say you are standing and facing the photographer. You can go from standing to inverting your knee, then crossing your legs, rotating your hip, crossing your arms, raising a shoulder, looking at the ground, putting a hand to your face..SO MANY OPTIONS!!! And you are JUST SANDING THERE! Slight movements give you variety and makes it so you don't have to memorize a million different poses!

5. Don't be afraid to try different facial expressions

We can get so caught up in a session, that you realize you're taking the same picture over and over and over and over again..Same pose and face just a different background. You don't want to look at all your pictures and realize your were smiling a cheesy smile in EVERY shot, or staring down the camera with a sassy face for every one. Spice it up! Smile for some, serious face others, look at the ground in some, look at the sky, close your eyes, laugh..just be you!!


I hope this may help some of you! If you remember these tips I'm sure you will rock your next photo session!!