"She's as busy as the New York City Streets, with a soul as beautiful as a L.A. sunset. She is passionate about keeping her vibe alive."


People always ask me why high school seniors are my favorites clients. I honestly don't have one set answer. In the beginning of my career I LOATHED senior sessions. They intimidated me and I just didn't feel good at doing them. As time went on I got asked to do more and more senior sessions. So naturally I started forcing myself to learn more about senior portraits as an art. The more I learned how to pose them, pick perfect locations, and help with wardrobe ideas I started feeling more comfortable working with them, and actually excelling at it. Once I got past the scary learning process the sessions felt so natural, and I ENJOYED them! Not only can I now craft senior sessions, I take the time to get to know the seniors. I LOVELOVELOVE hearing their future plans, whether it be college or taking a year off to find themselves. Seeing them almost melt in front of the camera, from being nervous and self conscious at the beginning of the session to confident and striking by the end. These are the sessions I live for. Taylor is my first 2018 senior of the year! She arrived to her session looking flawless. Soft spoken and so sweet, her session was beyond perfect.