Happy Birthday to My Darling Karli!

I still remember the day my big sister called and told me she was pregnant, I was 14 years old at the time. I was outrageously overjoyed! I am the youngest of 8 children, and ALWAYS wanted a little sister (but my parents weren't up for #9). So gaining my first niece had me giddy from day one. The day she was born we all raced to the hospital 4 hours away, just missing her birth, but the second I saw her I knew it didn't matter. The first time I held her I knew she was special. This is the first tiny person I connected with. All these years of wanting a younger sister I felt like I finally had one.

Over the following 10 years Karli and I formed a bond. I remember her first words and her first steps. Every time I came walking through the door she came running to me and gave me a big embrace. She fell asleep in my arms so many nights, until she became to big and settled for curling up next to me and cuddles. We have had countless "girls nights" filled with magical stories, makeup and adventures. She is now my #1 model. She is always up for a photo shoot, and is now wanting to not only model, but take the pictures herself. I love listening to her concepts and ideas for photo shoots. I didn't know what unconditional love was until I met this little girl. She taught me how to be a role model, how to keep my child like spirit, and how to love someone with all my heart.

I want this little girl to have the world. She is a firecracker, her personality is overwhelmingly lovable. But she also has a quiet side where her imagination takes over and becomes a whole other world. This little baby I once held on my arms and sang to sleep has grown a brilliant mind of her own. She is smart and kind and has a mind that is so beautiful and powerful. Karli is the little sister I always wanted. I love her so much and I pray this world is kind to her and she gives back to it in a way that is passionate and strong.

Sorry for that VERY long winded post. But this little girl means the world to me and has helped me grow as a photographer and artist more then anyone else has. Here is the evolution of my work, through Karli.


2010 (Please don't judge me, these pictures are heinous) 


2011 (Nope, still not any better)











Coming soon!