"Girls just want to have sun"


One of the most distinguishing characteristics of my work is how I play with light. I'm a natural light photographer, and use solely natural light when photographing. This gives my images that unique look of whimsy and magic. I still remember the first time a fellow photographer critiqued my way of photographing. Their mouth fell open and said "You are shooting INTO the sun?! Don't do that!!" But why not? You will hear it time and time again that you can't properly expose your subject this way, lens flares and haze will show up in your images, and it's just "not right." I beg to differ. Photography is an art, and I refuse to let anyone tell me how to create my art, or any art for that matter. My work stands out BECAUSE I don't follow the "rules", the "rules" of taking "proper" and traditional portraits. Most of my clients are trendsetters, people who stand out of the crowd and WANT to be different. These are the people I mesh well with, and LOVE to work with. Hannah is definitely a trendsetter. She stands out and makes a good impact on her peers. Her session was beyond fun, and working with her was a blast! Hannah is definitly a true Euphoric Shutterbug client <3