When I think of winter I instantly think of winter FASHION. I LOVE attire that is more suited for the chillier days. Scarves, boots, pea coats, cardigans, . Heck, this is all my closet consists of! One of my jobs as your photographer is to not only take your picture, but guide you on how to prepare for your session and what to wear. I adore talking to you guys about outfit ideas! People think it can be trickier in the colder months, but you have just as many adorable options!

Today I will share with you guys three winter outfits that I LOVE, and give some advice on how to style yourself for winter portraits!

**Here are a few tips on how to pull off these looks while staying warm.

  • Wear under armor, or items like it UNDERNEATH your clothing. This will give you an extra layer to stay warm, and will be covered up by your cute outfit.
  • Bring a warm jacket and gloves to your session. You may not want to wear them for the pictures, BUT you can put them on in between shots for quick warm ups.
  • Bring a warm drink like coffee or hot chocolate to sip! Bonus! It will keep your fingers warm as well. 

Something Simple

My first recommendation is something simple. If you like looks that are a bit more casual I suggest a cozy sweater, jeans or leggings, and cute boots. This look gives a more down to earth vibe, and is super easy to put together. When thinking colors, go for deep hues like burgundy, purple, dark green, etc. The deeper colors will make you stand out against the snowy backdrops and gives you that cozier vibe. Want to add a little to it? Compliment the outfit with a scarf, necklaces and rings, and/or leg warmers. These are all super cute accessories that are winter friendly. 



If you are a little more fashion savvy, you could go a million directions. High waisted pants, long pencil skirts, leggings, skirts with stockings, leg warmers, distressed skinny jeans, blouses, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweater dresses, vests, pea coats, cardigans, jackets, scarves, capes, THIGH HIGH BOOTS, wedges, beanies..the list goes on and on. And lets talk trends! I love trendy session, ones that show whats currently in style. Velvet dresses and skirts, fur vests, plaid scarves, pompom beanies, baseball caps, tulle skirts, did I mention THIGH HIGH BOOTS?! Winter sessions are a trend setters dream.


Going All Out

A gown is by far my favorite winter outfit idea. This look is for the ones who want to stand out, people who want to look magical and ethereal. The ladies who pull this off are bold and adventurous. I mean, how many girls can wear a gown in freezing temps? These images are ALWAYS my favorite, and are SO SO SO worth a few moments in the cold. I ALWAYS suggest bringing a gown, if you have one, to your session. These are the unforgettable images you will want to keep forever.