BIG ANNOUNCEMENT..Like it's huge guys.

So I have a pretty big/exciting/life changing announcement guys..

I quit my job.


For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a career woman. As a little girl I spent hours playing as a teacher, marine biologist, journalist, war photographer, name it, I wanted to be it at some point. I dreamed of that prince in shining armor, but I was never baking him cookies and waiting for him to come home. I always imagined myself right by his side, working my tail off and making an impact just like him. As I got older my career choices changed, but my mindset of being a career woman never did. At the age of 15 I got into photography, and it immediately became my passion. I just NEEDED to create images and make people see how BEAUTIFUL they truly are. 

Photography has consumed my life. It's 90% of what I talk AND think about. I have been dreaming of running my own photography business, being a lady boss, and doing my passion full time for long time now. I've been dreaming of this while working my way through day jobs (I've been a cake decorator for 3 years now!), while Keenan and I have finished our education, and while I have been planning our future. And I finally feel it's time. It's time for me to take the jump, follow my ultimate dream, and be a SUCCESSFUL female business owner.

And lets make one thing clear, I AM SCARED. BUT, I am REFUSING to let that stop me.

From now on, my only job is my photography business. And that means a few things;

  • I will be taking on A LOT more clients and sessions
  • I am expanding my clientele. Seniors will always be my specialty, but I would LOVE to photograph more genre's in the upcoming year
  • I will be ADDING things to my business like offering more prints/products, offering mentoring to other photographers, TRAVELING FOR WEDDINGS, and a few other things in the near future
  • I am fully dedicating myself to my art and my business

Guys..I can not tell you how excited I am. At 24 years old I am following one of my biggest life long dreams. YOU guys are helping me make this happen. All of my past and present clients mean the world to me. Thank you all for helping me on this journey <3