It' no secret seniors are my absolute favorite clientele, and for many reasons! Their personalities, attitudes, stories, and hearing about their dreams are just a few reasons why I adore this group of young adults. But my favorite thing about them has to be their style. Fashion is a huge part in these teens lives. What your wear speaks to people and shows them who you are before you even have to open your mouth. I love seeing them express themselves at their sessions with their wardrobe. Teens are SO much more fashionable these days, and it shouldn't go unnoticed. 

But sometimes you guys can get a little frazzled when choosing what to where to your senior session. On this What to Wear Wednesday I will share 4 outfits with you guys that I LOVED seeing my clients in, and hopefully it will help you in decided what to where to YOUR senior session :)



Forest sessions have definitely been the fan favorite of 2016. The whimsical vibes they create make for ethereal and fairy tale like images. For forest sessions I ALWAYS suggest sticking with solid patterns and light colors. Busy patterns will make you hard to focus on in an image, and dark colors will only add to that. To stand out you will want to wear something in a light color with minimal patterns and textures to make sure you pop. And to add to that whimsical vibe clothing that flows will really add that dreaminess you desire. The above dress is PERFECT for that forest vibe. With being white and flowy it truly makes this gorgeous girl seem like she is in a dream. And an added bonus? Going bare foot like this courageous girl will add to the aesthetic. 



Ahh..a field session. These sessions are SO much fun! Flowy clothing is a MUST here! Rompers have to be my favorite at a field location. Adding patterns and textures can add more fun to the image and really show your personality. Floral patterns gets you bonus points ;). Tighter clothing also looks good in a field session, BUT when that wind starts blowing you will want to have flowy alternatives to really get that carefree vibe.



Lake sessions really have the BEST dreamy lighting. Add some lily pads and a slight breeze and you have the perfect setting. If dresses aren't your thing cute blouses and textured clothing looks GREAT here. Adding layers really adds depth as well, and endless posing possibilities! Now lets talk props and accessories. In the above image this radiant girl is sporting shades, endless rings and bracelets, and the cutest boots. When adding accessories you are adding endless possibilities, and showcasing your personal style more!   



Urban sessions are probably my favorite. The textures, colors and backdrops are just to gorgeous for words. Depending on the season you have so many options. Flowy, tight, patterns, solids..its endless. Bold and deep colors look AMAZING here. In the above image my gorgeous client was wearing an AMAZING outfit. She wore a tighter fitted top and skirt with a slit up the side, knee high boots to DIE for, and the most perfect fall scarf. Edgy and elegance at it's finest. An urban session is a fashionista's dream, and mine.